Foreign Investment Process

Foreign investors required to fill a Customer Account Information Form with Islami Bank Securities Limited and send the form (hard copy) to the Securities house, duly filled and signed by authorized personnel, with photocopy of other required documents. They also need to open a Custodian Account with Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. Together with BO account opening, the custodian bank will take care of other account opening, such as Cash Account (or NITA A/C), and F/C Account.

After opening the respective accounts, foreign investors can trade directly with Islami Bank Securities Limited. They can give buy/sale order to Islami Bank Securities through email and/or fax. Trade confirmation will be sent to the investors via email following execution of the order. The settlement process is done mutually by the brokerage house (Islami Bank Securities Limited) and the custodian bank (Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited).

From Islami Bank Securities side, there is only one fee/charge - trade commission (market charges inclusive). There are no other fees and charges applied by Islami Bank Securities Limited. Moreover, foreign investors will get a number of facilities from Islami Bank Securities which includes top quality research and smooth trading.

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